NFTs missing from your Stoic Wallet? Try this first.

Dec 9, 2021
NFTs missing from your Stoic Wallet? Try this first.
Disclaimer: I’m an independent developer and have no affiliation with Toniq Labs or Stoic Wallet.
If you hold Internet Computer NFTs in your Stoic Wallet, you might notice that occasionally they don’t show up. This can be the case for many newer NFT projects, where Stoic Wallet has not yet completed an integration. In these instances, you can manually add your NFTs to get them to appear in your wallet.
notion image
As of this writing, you do this using the “+” button at the top of your wallet, pictured above. This will bring up a text input field, where you can input either a canister id, or a token id. Once you add a canister or a token from a particular canister, your Stoic Wallet should then discover any NFTs from that canister from that moment on.
notion image
Use the canister id “cwu5z-wyaaa-aaaaj-qaoaq-cai” to add Saga Legends: The Magician to your wallet.
You’re done! You should see your NFTs in your wallet. If you don’t know how to find your canister or token id, take a look at its URL:
The part before is the canister id, and the part after tokenid= is your token id. So if you want to add your Series #0 The Fool, use the canister id “nges7-giaaa-aaaaj-qaiya-cai” and if you want to add Series #1 The Magician, use the canister id “cwu5z-wyaaa-aaaaj-qaoaq-cai.”

“I Still Can’t See It!”

Well, Stoic Wallet has another quirk. If tokens that you manually added to the wallet don’t show up, try this.
Click your ICP Balance:
notion image
Then Click your NFT Balance:
notion image
Your NFT(s) should now be visible.

“Wow, That’s Difficult…”

Yes it is! Our project also supports the Plug wallet, which doesn’t experience any of these issues. Solutions to these bugs are already complete, we are just waiting on Toniq Labs to accept them.

“Why Do I Even Need To Do This?”

Currently NFT projects often need to work one-on-one with wallet projects to make their NFTs “auto discover” in each wallet. The work itself is very simple, but it requires lots of coordination, review, and duplicate work for developers on both sides of the equation. A better approach would be to have a community owned service (or maybe several services) that can tackle this work. Psychedelic DAO has already released a project that’s a great start: DAB. If we can coordinate the community around projects like that DAB, we can fix problems like having to manually punch in funny strings to work with our NFTs 😊
UPDATE: Stoic Wallet is working on integrating DAB, so that this step won’t be necessary. Unfortunately it is not complete yet as of this writing.

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